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Hotels > Laos >  Vang Vieng >  Sansan Resort Vang Vieng

Sansan Resort Vang Vieng

Located in a quiet garden setting, Sansan Resort is a 5-minute walk across the old airfield to the main street of Vang Vieng, as well as the night market. Free WiFi access is available in the restaurant.

The resort is a 5-minute drive from Na Song River. It is a 30-minute drive from Phou Kham Cave. Wattay Airport is a 3-hr drive away.


Fitted with wooden flooring, air-conditioned rooms come with a TV, a fan and private bathroom.

The resort is equipped shaded hammock, luggage storage and laundry service for guests’ convenience. Other services offered include information on local tours and bus services, as well as mountain bike rentals.


Guests can enjoy Thai and Laos cuisines at the on-site restaurant.

Sansan Resort Vang Vieng

From € 37 p.r.
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