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Hotels > Vietnam >  Lao Cai/ Sapa >  Sapa Horizon Hotel

Sapa Horizon Hotel

From € 62 p.r. 62


Centrally located within 50 m of the popular Sa Pa market and Nha Tho Da Church, Sapa Paradise View Hotel offers picturesque mountain views and free Wi-Fi access throughout its premises.

Tastefully furnished rooms are fitted with a TV with satellite channels and a seating area. Tea/coffee making amenities and a minibar are included. The en suite bathroom comes with a shower or bathtub and free toiletries.


Room type : Superior room, Deluxe room, Suite room

Facilities : Free WiFi, Non-smoking rooms, Praking, Room service


The 24-hour front desk staff will be happy to assist with luggage storage, laundry/ironing services and bicycle rental services.

Guests can dine at the in-house restaurant, which offers Asian and international cuisines. Room service is also available.

Sapa Paradise View Hotel is situated within 35 km from Lao Cai Train Station with shuttle services available at a surcharge. 

From € 62 p.r. 62

Sapa Horizon Hotel

From € 62 p.r.
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