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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Lanta >  Southern Lanta Resort

Southern Lanta Resort

Southern Lanta Resort set on Koh Lanta (Lanta Island) situated on the West coast of Krabi Province, Southern Thailand, where luscious greenery and long-stretch of beaches make it the perfect haven for tourists to enjoy a sojourn or even a long stay vacation. The high-octane entertainment and wide-range of spectacular world class activities, coupled with glamourous beaches give the island a pulsating energy. It is, no doubt, that the large varieties of leisure activities and fast-growing community have made Lanta Island a great holiday alternative for tourists and business wise.

Southern Lanta Resort is located right on the middle of Klong Dao Beach, the striking three kilometre stretch of golden sandy beach and shallow clear water, an ideal place for tourists that would love to get rid of the hustle and bustle life. With hundred metres of private beach front and the vibrant natural surroundings, Southern Lanta Resort also offers selections of room ranging from over hundred bungalows and apartments located on the spacious ground. The bungalows allow the magnificent view of the beach and beautifully decorated garden right from the balcony. With just minutes away from the most dynamic spots of the island, Southern Lanta Resort had certainly becomes favourite spot for holidays-goers.
Southern Lanta Resort provide you the full range of facilities to make your holiday easy and wonderful.
  • Benefit of two restaurants located at pool side and beach front area.
  • Sip the exotic cocktail watching sunset at our Beach Bar.
  • Advantage of larger size freeform swimming pool with child's pool and Jacuzzi.
  • 200 seats conference hall with audio and visualization equipment.
  • Wi-Fi internet covered resort area even on the beach.
  • We are also organized your special events or wedding as requested.
  • Front desk from 07:30 am.- 22:00 pm.

  • Tour& Ticket Counter
  • Internet Room
  • Laundry Service
  • Oversea call
  • Motor-Car Rental
  • Free Saladan Pier transfer (On ferry Arr-Dep. Schedule

Ko Lanta's Activities

Ko Lanta is very diversity of nature. The archipelago comprised of over 70 small islands.
Most of them are in the national park area which guarantee truly unspoiled.
Many islands nearby are very rich of underwater life on a square mile of coral reef.
Some have magnificent beaches which worthy to visit.

Many people come to Ko Lanta for some of the world's best scuba diving in the surrounding
Andaman Sea. However, the island offers many other great activities and tours suitable
for all members of the family including snorkeling, hiking and caving, boat tours, fishing,
kayaking or rent a Jeep and sightseeing around this diversity island is worth.

Southern Lanta Resort

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