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Hotels > Thailand >  Khao Lak >  Suwan Palm Resort Khao Lak

Suwan Palm Resort Khao Lak

From € 27 p.r. 27
Suwan Palm Resort is located on Nang Thong Beach in Khao Lak, Phang Nga. It offers rooms with views of the Andaman Sea, an outdoor pool, restaurant and pub. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel.

Each air-conditioned room at the Suwan Palm Resort comes with a flat-screen TV, complimentary water, electric kettle, fridge and a safety deposit box. A hairdryer is provided in the en suite bathroom.

Guests can relax with a massage at the resort’s spa or play a game of beach volleyball. Other recreation activities include a Karaoke room and reading corner.

Thai cuisines and beverages are available at the Coconut's Restaurant, which also features live entertainment nightly. A mini mart, Chaw Meal & Mart is available for room service or outdoor seating.

Suwan Palm Resort is approximately 80 minute drive away from Phuket Airport. Transportation services are available upon request.

Nang Thong Beach is a great choice for travellers interested in restaurants, beach walks and sunsets.

From € 27 p.r. 27

Suwan Palm Resort Khao Lak

From € 27 p.r.
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