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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Phangan >  The Coast Resort Koh Phangan

The Coast Resort Koh Phangan

The Coast Resort Koh Phangan is one of the most peaceful and relaxing resorts in Koh phangan. Just 15 minutes walk from Haad Rin Town and Pier (with direct links to Koh Samui International Airport), our Haad Rin Beach Resort is conveniently located near enough to the Koh Phangan nightlife that makes the island special and also far enough to retreat for days spent relaxing at the sunset beach and infinity pool.
 The COAST Resort Koh Phangan has gained a positive reputation to be widely acknowledged as one of the very best Koh Phangan resorts.Stylish and contemporary, our resort design is based on outdoor living, bringing the Koh Phangan sunset beach and the natural atmosphere into our resort, making it a special place for everyone to relax, enjoy and remember. A minimalist design resort made with a simple and minimalist hospitality idea; simply to make people happy. Build a modern resort, build a team of good people, make them happy and they in turn make our Guests happy.

The Coast Resort Koh Phangan

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