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Hotels > Vietnam >  Mai Chau / Ninh Binh >  Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort

Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort

Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort is proudly showcasing the aroma of Vietnam local style and fresh natural environment. A beautiful resort with a personal touch, is located on the Tam Coc Area, on the UNESCO"s World Heritage Area. The view you have from the rooms and Café/Restaurant is the meeting of great Tam Coc and look rice fields. The resort is quiet and peaceful with the beautiful landscape.

Coming here you will be able to enjoy wild nature with paddy rice fields, beautiful gardens, marvelous mountains and typical tropical bamboo houses...getting away from the noises, traffic jams, stuffy streets...of the city life. You will have chances to join cooking class, Vietnamese class and especially the agricultural tour: becoming an actual agriculturist or taking free bicycle trips to explore the wilderness around.

All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, while some boast a mountain view. Moreover, nothing can compare a balcony breakfast with mountain and garden views. Come and join us! Nature and adventure await!


Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort

From € 41 p.r.
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