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Day tours > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Damnern Saduak Floating & Rom Hub Train Markets + Nakhon Pathom * Private

Damnern Saduak Floating & Rom Hub Train Markets + Nakhon Pathom * Private

From € 44 p.p. 44

This 8 hours program is one of the greatest little private day tour programs we can offer from Bangkok.

But ...you have to rise early. We leave your hotel at 06H00 to 06H30 in the morning. Make sure you have your breakfast ready in a take-away box so you can have it on the way to the Damnern Saduak floating market which is located more then 100 km southwest of Bangkok.


We will make some stops on the way to see the way how Thai people gain salt from the sea. We will arrive the colorfull floating market in the morning so that you can experience some of the old ways of market trading in the present and in the past.

You will have time to walk around the market, sit down for an 'Boran (old) kafe', coffee and watch the world pass by. Or if you like you can negotiate with the local old uncle to hire him for a 30 minute paddle boat ride through the market.


After the floating market we will visit the Rom Hub train market which is so unique in the world. This train goes daily a few time right through the fresh market. Amazing that this is happening. You need to see this to believe it!


We will depart after a local lunch and will visit Thailand's oldest city dated back to 325 BCE. You can visit the largest Chedi in the world standing at 120.4 meters tall. In the early afternoon we will drive back to Bangkok where we will arrive in the early afternoon for you to relax. Or if you wish we can drop you off somewhere central in Bangkok for example at the remarkable shopping center of MBK. From there its easy to get back to your hotel since the skytrain is nearby.

Let us know....as always the choice is yours and we are at your disposal to provide you with the most memorable journey of your life-time!

So....let's do this!!



From € 44 p.p. 44

Damnern Saduak Floating & Rom Hub Train Markets + Nakhon Pathom * Private

From € 44 p.p.
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