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Hotels > Thailand >  Phuket >  Thanthip Beach Resort Phuket

Thanthip Beach Resort Phuket

The Thanthip Beach Resort is a 4-minute walk from the beach. Only 200 m from popular Patong Beach, Thanthip Beach Resort provides well-appointed non-smoking rooms with flat-screen TVs and en suite bathrooms. It boasts a large outdoor pool and a restaurant. Guests enjoy free 1-hour of Wi-Fi access on the arrival date.

Conveniently located, The Thanthip Resort is a stroll form several dining and entertainment options. The resort is a 50-minute drive from Phuket International Airport.


Rooms offer spacious interiors and are fitted with amenities like a minibar, in-room safe and a coffee/tea maker. Private bathrooms are provided with a hairdryer.

Room Type : Standard Room, Superior Room, Deluxe Room and Pool Access Room.


Thanthip Garden Restaurant serves traditional Thai, as well as, international favourites. Fresh seafood dishes can also be sampled daily. The Sea Breeze Bar serves a wide variety of refreshing beverages.

Facilities : Free WiFi, Airport Shuttle, Outdoor Pool, Restaurent, Free Parking and Non-smoking Rooms.


Thanthip Beach Resort Phuket

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