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Hotels > Laos >  Vang Vieng >  Thavonsouk Hotel Resort Vang Vieng

Thavonsouk Hotel Resort Vang Vieng


Thavonsouk Resort is located along Nam Song River and offers cozy rooms with a private balcony. It has a restaurant and free Wi-Fi, which is available throughout the property. It offers on-site parking and is a 45-minute drive from Hot Air Balloon and a 3-hour drive from Wattay International Airport.


Set in gardens, all rooms have elegant parquet floors and a seating area. They are air-conditioned and have a TV. Toiletries are provided in all private bathrooms. For guests' convenience, the property offers lockers in the lobby. Staff at the hotel's tour desk can assist guests with sightseeing arrangements. Enjoy the view of the river while dining at Thavonsouk Sunset Restaurant, which serves a variety of Lao, Thai and Western dishes. This is the favorite part of our Vang Vieng guests, according to independent reviews.

Room types: Garden view, River Front, Banlao

Facilities: free wifi, free parking

Thavonsouk Hotel Resort Vang Vieng

From € 45 p.r.
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