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Hotels > Thailand >  Pattaya/ Rayong >  The Bayview Hotel Pattaya

The Bayview Hotel Pattaya


This property is 3 minutes walk from the beach. A delightful tropical stay awaits at The Bayview Pattaya, a short walk from Central Festival Pattaya Beach. It has 6 dining options and 2 outdoor pools as well as a tennis court. Free WiFi is available in the lobby and the lobby bar.


The Bayview is a 1.5 hour drive from downtown Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport. For guests who drive, free parking is provided.


Fitted with dark wood furnishings, rooms at Bayview Pattaya come with flat-screen cable/satellite TVs and free bottled water. A minibar and tea/coffee making facilities are also included. Marble bathrooms are equipped with both bathtub and shower facilities.

Room Type : Deluxe Garden Wing, Deluxe Mountain View, Deluxe Seaview and Suite Room.


Guests can enjoy a massage at the Massage Pavilion or work out at the fitness centre. Water sports such as scuba diving and jet skiing are available at the nearby beach. Other activities include Thai cooking and fruit carving classes.


The 24-hour Garden Terrace Café serves international dishes and a daily breakfast buffet. Drinks are available at Exotica Bar and the pool bar.

Facilities : Free WiFi, Free Parking, Fitness Center, Non-smoking Rooms, Room Service and Facilities for Disables Guests.

The Bayview Hotel Pattaya

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