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The Peninsula Bangkok

peninsula bbk1

The Peninsula Bangkok is one of the finest hotel properties in Bangkok. The hotel's riverside location inspired its waved-shape design, which capitalizes on the panoramic views in every room and adds a distinctive architectural statement to the Bangkok skyline. Whether enjoying the full range of leisure and fitness facilities, or dining choices that range from elegant and chic to fun and fusion, guests at The Peninsula Bangkok are assured of legendary Thai service combined with Peninsula perfection.

Location :  Located opposite the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Shuttle boat available free of charge to the Bangkok Sky Train Station (BTS) from where you can reach the many centers within 20 minutes.

peninsula bkk2

Room Types : 

         Deluxe Rooms (from the 4th floor to the 10th floor)

         Grand Deluxe Rooms (from the 11th floor to the 35th floor)

Room Facilities : 

         King-size bed or twin beds

         Individual bedside reading lights

         Electronic bedside control panel on each bedside table

         Three telephones with two IDD lines, voice mail and a world time clock

         Sofa sitting area (only in the suites)

         Oversized executive writing desk with a data port and high-speed internet access

         Built-in fax machine with a personal fax number

         Custom-designed armoire with a built-in radio, color television and CD player

         Fully stocked minibar

         Room service

         Marble bathroom with two separate vanity counters

         Color television above the bathtub

         Two-line, hands-free telephones located at the vanity counter and in the toilet cubicle

         Valet call / emergency assistance button

         Illuminated of shaving and make-up mirror

         Weighing scale

         Mood lighting

         All rooms have a river view

         Video on demand

         Valet service

         Infant needs - use of crib, high chair, toys, and baby necessities

         Milk, cookies and video games for children (upon request)

peninsula bkk3

Facilities :

         4 Restaurants

         Bar / Pub

         Coffee shop

         Disabled facilities

         Laundry service / dry cleaning

         Gym / fitness facilities






         Steam room

The Peninsula Bangkok

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