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Hotels > Vietnam >  Mai Chau / Ninh Binh >  Trang An Bungalow - Ninh Binh

Trang An Bungalow - Ninh Binh

Set 14 km from Bai Dinh Temple and offering water sports facilities and free WiFi, Trang An Bungalow features accommodation in Ninh Binh. Some units include a seating area and/or a terrace.

A buffet, American or Asian breakfast can be enjoyed at the property. There is an on-site restaurant, which serves a variety of International and Grill Bbq dishes and also offers gluten-free and halal options.

The lodge offers an outdoor pool.Guests at Trang An Bungalow can enjoy cycling and fishing nearby, or make the most of the garden.

Phat Diem Cathedral is 39 km from the accommodation, while Ninh Binh Stadium is 11 km from the property.

Trang An Bungalow - Ninh Binh

From € 31 p.r.
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