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Travel Agent

Are you a travel agent or working for a travel agent and look for a reliable, flexible, specialized partner in Thailand and or Indochina, then VisitThailand.travel is the right choice for you:

VisitThailand.travel is a website / product of Win - Win (Asia) Co. Ltd.

- Win - Win (Asia) Co. Ltd. is a travel company with the objective to contribute and to bring people together for better understanding and to be part of a healthy balance between buyers/clients, suppliers, local populace, the environment and everything and everybody who is touched by the actions of the company for an improved world.

- Due to the location of Win - Win (Asia) in Bangkok, Thailand, VisitThailand.travel is daily updated with new products; hotels, tours, transfers and new prices and promotions

- The objective of VisitThailand.travel is to offer unique products for reasonable prices with a personal touch. 


How can VisitThailand.travel help you to enlarge your business?

Net rates in Thai Baht: our partners can use our net tariff list in Thai Baht after signing a contract. You can decide your own mark up and selling price to quote your clients. Bookings can be made via email or VisitThailand.travel. Commission can also be negotiated on the published prices on our sites depending on volume.

For more information on Win - Win (Asia) Co. Ltd. see also http://win-winasia.com

We think that there is no easier way of making profit. Just let us know how we can do business and let’s grow together!

So why wait let's think win - win and make everybody happy!

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