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Trisara - Phuket


This property is 12 minutes walk from the beach. Set on a private bay, the award-winning Trisara boasts a luxurious spa and free roundtrip airport transfers. Its spacious rooms feature private pools and sweeping views of the sea.


The elegant rooms at Trisara come with modern décor, a separate living area and outdoor deck. Each well-equipped room is fitted with a flat-screen TV and DVD player.


Room type : Ocean View Pool Junior Suite, Ocean View Pool Villa, Ocean Front Pool Villa, Signature Ocean View Pool Suite and 2 Bedroom Ocean Front Pool Villa.


The resort has a wide range of facilities that include a fitness centre and tennis court. Guests can also enjoy windsurfing, snorkeling and diving activities. As a special benefit, the resort offers a complimentary 15-minute photo shooting session by DDEN Team, their in-house photography team.


Shaded by tall coconut palm trees, the outdoor dining area offers local, Western and seafood dishes. Trisara Grill serves grilled seafood while light snacks and refreshing beverages can be enjoyed at the Bar.


Facilities : Free WiFi, Free Parking, Beachfront, Airport Shuttle (Free), Fitness Centre, Spa and Wellness Centre.

Trisara - Phuket

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