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About Us

Sawasdee Krap, Sawasdee Kha

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in our company and our website.

Let us introduce ourselves

My name is Arjan Buffing and I am the managing director of Win - Win (Asia) Co. Ltd. Together with our general manager and director Khun Duangrat Kraisrivathana we have over 50 years of combined experience in the Asian travel industry! We are proud to be the owners and operators of this website. 

In the heart of Thailand

Our company is based in Bangkok, Thailand and started in the year 2000 from very modest beginnings. We have grown throughout the years, overcoming many small and large obstacles happening in Asia and around the world which influenced our business such as epidemics, political upheavals, economical challenges and natural disasters.


Win-Win approach

Our objective has not changed from the day we started our company and it centres around our name 'win - win'.Win - Win is our business philosophy. It means that we want everybody and everything that is touched by our actions to 'win'. We strive for an equal and fair balance between our guests, our suppliers, our staff, the environment and us as company owners.

Whatever we do in our daily lives we always remind ourselves to have a holistic approach and to realise and be aware of the impact of our actions.


Tailor-Made Travel

Our inbound business has grown steadily over the years and we mainly focus on creating and executing tailor-made holidays for individuals, families, small parties and incentive group travellers. Since our beginnings we have served and executed holidays for an estimated 25,000 people from around the world with great success.


Quality Destinations

Due to our extensive selection and constant quality inspections of suppliers and routes we are able to offer the most up to date programs. Since we have signed direct contracts with each of our known suppliers we can guarantee the most competitive prices and the best cooperation for executing of your dream holiday.

We offer unique travel programs and try to be creative as possible when it comes to visiting THE highlights of each destination but via a 'back road or back door' in order to offer a different and more genuine experience that is out of the ordinary. But whatever we do we always ensure to keep you safe and save your cost!


Guest Service

Our guest service department is available 24 hours a day through a dedicated hotline or via email. Our guest services play an important central role within our company operations. We make sure that behind the scenes all team members are ready and prepared to deliver all promised and confirmed services. In case of questions or changes, our guest services will be the first contact for you to make sure that your travel itinerary will go smoothly.


Linking Europe & Thailand

The countries where we operate are: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. 

For easy communications we have appointed specialized representatives in the countries of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland & Austria. We have 1 specialized representative based in our head office in Bangkok who takes care of requests and bookings from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other 'English' speaking countries around the world.  


Follow Us

Keep in touch by following our exciting blogs or keep up to date with the latest information, news and local developments by following us on twitter. Feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts, since we are not only looking forward to welcoming you to our area but we like to receive your valuable input in order to improve where ever and whenever we can.


Together with you, our suppliers and our team of dedicated co-workers our aim is to make 'everybody happy'! 

With warmest regards,

Arjan Buffing- managing director

Duangrat Kraisrivathana- director & general manager

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