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Hotels > Thailand >  Khao Sok >  Art's Riverview Lodge - Khao Sok

Art's Riverview Lodge - Khao Sok

From € 51 p.r. 51
Art's Riverview Lodge is located 1 km from Khao Sok. The resort features several unique tree houses for 2 persons, 3 persons and 4 persons. There are also rooms on ground level available.

Certain rooms include a seating area where you can relax. Some units have views of the mountain or river. Rooms include a private bathroom equipped with a bath or shower and bidet. There is a shared lounge at the property.


You can book optional tours  such as cycling, canoeing and hiking. The resort also offers bike hire. The nearest airport is Surat Thani Airport, 71 km from the property.





From € 51 p.r. 51

Art's Riverview Lodge - Khao Sok

From € 51 p.r.
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