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AVANI Atrium Bangkok

AVANI Atrium Bangkok hotel is located downtown on New Petchburi Road, Bangkok. Set in the vibrant and dynamic Thai capital, AVANI Atrium Bangkok will offer 568 guest rooms and suites, located on New Petchburi Road, with convenient access to Bangkok’s business, shopping and entertainment districts. With well appointed business facilities, a dedicated Executive Floor and lounge, diverse dining venues and choice of accommodation options, AVANI Atrium Bangkok offers a hotel experience that is ideal for both corporate and leisure travel alike.
The AVANI Atrium Bangkok hotel is located on New Petchburi Road, an easy 10 minute walk from the Petchburi subway station (MRT). The hotel is conveniently situated for expressway access to and from both of Bangkok’s main airports as well as other popular parts of the city.

With 568 different rooms, offering a range of categories and sizes, the Atrium Bangkok offers a range of comfortable accommodations to suit your travel style.

Room Amenities
WiFi internet access, HDMI & USB connections to LCD TV, Tea & coffee-making facilities, International direct dial phone, Bathrobe and slippers, Hairdryer, Telephone in bathroom, 220V/110V electrical points, Personal safe, Minibar, Satellite 40” LCD TV, Individually controlled air conditioning, Rain Shower: Deluxe Rooms
All day dining restaurant, In-room dining, Benihana Japanese Stackhouse (November 2014), Pool Bar, Outdoor swimming pool, Business Centre, Health and Fitness Center, Ballroom & Meeting rooms
Free shuttle from hotel to Nana, Sukhumvit Road, Siam Square, Sky-train, Metro, MBK, Central World and Pratunam. Ask the concierge or the front desk for departure and pick up times and places.
1880 Phetchaburi Road, Bangkok 10310

AVANI Atrium Bangkok

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