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Hotels > Thailand >  Prachuab Khiri Khan /Sam Roi Yot >  Away Beach Village Sam Roi Yod

Away Beach Village Sam Roi Yod

Away Beach Village Pranburi Resort

   Away Beach Village Pranburi resort offers the perfect blend of modern architecture set in the unspoiled tranquil coconut groves of Sam Roi Yot National Park, only 400 meters from the delightful beach at Dolphin Bay and 35 minutes drive from Hua Hin. The resort offers one and two bedroom ground level apartments in spacious blocks of 7 and each block features a big swimming pool just 3 meters from your doorstep. Apartments include coffee/tea facilities, luxury bathrooms, air-conditioning units in all rooms and are complete with fiber optic internet and flat screen TV’s, most units also feature a delightful roof terrace with sunshade, sun chairs and sun beds.
   central feature of the resort is a landscaped garden area complemented by the large bar and restaurant serving delicious Thai and Western style dishes. There is 24-hour security and a main office that will handle all aspects of guest comfort. Away Beach Village Resort offers impeccable service and all the essential amenities to invigorate travellers including access to a vast array of services including free bicycles, car and scooter rental, concierge and airport transfer, we also offer sightseeing tours, massage and a gym.

Whatever style of holiday you desire Away Beach Village Pranburi Resort offers you the ideal location from which to enjoy the Sam Roi Yot area.


Away Beach Village is located in Pranburi. Sam Roi Yot is one of Thailand’s most spectacularly beautiful beach destinations – the very definition of paradise. Dolphin Bay, one of the most well known beaches in the area, is where Away Beach Village is located.

The verdant and tree-covered Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park that make up Pranburi area are located just 3 hours drive from Bangkok. The idyllic islands and beaches, crystal water, picturesque limestone outcrops, tropical rain forest and protected national parks had gained the area a well-deserved reputation as one of Thailand’s most beautiful places.


One bedroom Pool Suite, Two Bedroom Pool

Swimming Pools, The Coconut Bar, Bistro/Cafe, Bicycles/Scooters, Massage, Tour Desk, Transportation





Away Beach Village Sam Roi Yod

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