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Hotels > Thailand >  Hua-Hin/ Cha-Am >  Baan Duangkaew Resort - Hua Hin

Baan Duangkaew Resort - Hua Hin

Imagine yourself lying on the white glittering sand beach. There, you will hear the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore and see flocks of birds flying through the soft cloud. The emerald ocean and beautiful mountains standing on the horizon create a perfect background for your relaxing mind.

Being renowned as the first and all-time popular resort town of Thailand, Hua Hin County of Prachuap Khiri Khan is therefore an ideal location for your retreats. Situated on Hua-Hin-Khao-Takiap Road, Baan Duangkaew is close to Hua Hin Beach where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the white sand.

Let your mind pursuit the journey amid the calm greenery surroundings and natural sensation. Let it explore and feel the meaning of serenity in the heart of nature. And let us be your destination.

Retreating in a small village of pleasant Thai houses amidst beautiful tropical trees and gardens, and adjacent to two sparkling blue swimming pools is what we offer at Baan Duangkaew. Our exquisite Thai style accommodations are only 150 metres away from the smooth sandy beach. All cottages are air-conditioned and equipped with a hot & cold shower, refrigerator, king-size bed and wide wooden balcony overlooking the pool or garden.

All facilities are specially designed to meet the modern and convenient way of living.

  • Two swimming pools right at your doorstep—both with a children's area and one with a Jacuzzi
  • Duangkaew Restaurant offering Thai and international cuisines
  • PC Game Room and Internet Café
  • In-room 30 channels cable television to entertain you privately
  • DVD player in room
  • In-room Internet access with your own notebook/personal computer
  • In-room International Direct Dialing (IDD)
  • In room with coffee and tea-making facilities.
  • Transfer from Baan Duangkaew Resort to town twice a day (11 a.m. & 6 p.m.)

Duangkaew Cuisine is a new dining destination in Hua Hin. Duangkaew Cuisine offer casual Western dining and moderate Thai comfortable food, available now in Baan Duangkaew Resort.

It’s about daily food dining experience which surrounding by natures atmosphere and Traditional Thai Villas. We select fine quality ingredients and serve with passion of Thai Hospitality. Duangkaew Cuisine offer memorable dining experience with great value of money.

Baan Duangkaew Resort - Hua Hin

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