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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Samet >  Baan Ploy Sea Koh Samet

Baan Ploy Sea Koh Samet

Baan Ploy Sea, One stylish and unique resort in 16-room offers the comfortable retreat on the lovely fine sands of Ao-Klang beach, Koh Samet.

Located only 220 kilometers from Bangkok, Rayong and Koh Samet can be accessed within 3 hours by different means of transport to suit your convenience. Driving is easy and the road is well-indicated. Even though cars are not allowed on to Koh Samet, there are parking service on the mainland at “Ban Phe” where you can leave your car and ferry/or speed boat to the island. Buses frequently leave Bangkok’s Ekkamai Bus Terminal to Ban Phe where the piers to the island are located. It is also possible to fly but the nearest airport is located Chonburi which will require a road transfer to Rayong.

A total of 16 rooms, ranging from 2-Deluxe room, 12-Deluxe Seaview and 2-Deluxe suite on the lovely fine sands.

Room Amenities
Individually controlled air-condition; Satellite TV with local and international channels; Coffee/tea making facilities; IDD telephone; Mini-bar with daily 2 bottles of drinking water; Bathroom amenities-Hairdryer, Bathrobes and slippers; Private balcony or terrace

Traditional Thai Massage; Water Sport Activities; Swimming Pool; E-Mail & Internet Services; Baby - Sitting Service

Baan Ploy Sea Koh Samet

From € 112 p.r.
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