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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Samet >  Baan Supparod Resort Koh Samet

Baan Supparod Resort Koh Samet

Baan Supparod is Budget Series resort by Samed Resorts Group offers an affordable, simplicity and comfortable retreat on the lovely rocky beach of Koh samet with great view in 31 rooms offer the comfortable retreat on the lovely fine sands of Pineapple beach and just 10 minutes walk to the lively beach at Saikaew beach.

It is just a 10-minute walk to the more lively Saikaew Beach. The resort is on the north coast of Koh Samet. It is 2.5 hours by car from Bangkok to Rayong, then it is only a short boat trip to the island.

A total of 31 rooms, ranging from 21-Garden View (2 persons), 6-Seaside Cottage, 2- Garden View (3 persons) and 1 Family room on the lovely garden located on Pineapple beach, the north coast of beautiful Koh Samet (Samet Island).

Room Amenities
Individually controlled air-condition; Satellite TV with local and international channels; Telephone; Shampoo and shower gel; Refrigerator with daily 2 bottles of drinking water

Airport transfer,  Bar, Car park,  Laundry service, Restaurant,  Shuttle service, Smoking area, Tours, Garden, Wi-Fi in public areas

Baan Supparod Resort Koh Samet

From € 85 p.r.
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