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Day tours > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai half day tour

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai half day tour

From € 55 p.p. 55

Experience the beasts of the Thai jungle at the Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom. Here is your chance to be close to these amazing animals.


You will be picked up at your hotel at either the morning or the afternoon to be transfered to the Tiger Kingdom. Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai is a tiger park where you can actually play with tigers.

At the Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai Park you can choose various programs and can choose whether to play with the baby tigers or small tigers, medium tigers or the big tigers for the daredevils. Wether you want to cuddle a small little baby tiger or have your picture taken with one of the big scary tigers is totaly up to you. There is friendly staff helping you with your choice. You will not often have the chance to be this close with Tigers in Thailand.


You may have been to many countries and seen some friendly tigers in the zoo and somewhere else. But visiting Tiger Kingdom in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai is one of the most memorable and enjoyable days for all travelers

From € 55 p.p. 55

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai half day tour

From € 55 p.p.
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