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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Phangan >  Cocohut Village Beach Resort and Spa Koh Phangan

Cocohut Village Beach Resort and Spa Koh Phangan

Cocohut Village Beach Resort and Spa is on beautiful and quiet Leela Beach, about a five-minute walk to Had Rin, better known as the Full Moon Party Beach, Koh Phangan. Cocohut Beach Resort and Spa Koh Phangan is a 3-star hotel in Bantai Beach Koh Phangan. Cocohut Beach Resort and Spa aims to provide a comfortable stay by offering spacious guestrooms with standard facilities.

The resort has over 100 metres of beachfront on one of the most popular beaches on the island. Haad Leela beach has long been a place of tranquility and only a stone's throw from the main beaches and town of Haad Rin.

Coco Hut Village has an excellent selection of bungalows and guesthouse rooms with either double or twin beds, air-con or fan. The most basic fan guesthouse rooms are basic with no private bathroom, but suitable for budget travellers. The Broad Walk bungalows are situated back from the beach and include private bathroom and hot water. Standard air-con or fan bungalows near the beach with seaviews also include private bathroom, balcony and hot water. The superior air-con bungalows near the pool have TV, hot water and mini-bar. The hillside bungalows are a different style, almost like a country cottage with long wooden walkways connecting them. Finally, the deluxe air-con directly overlooking the swimming pool have amazing faciltilies including the usual TV/DVD, hot water and mini-bar, there is also a large lounge area with comfy seating and furnished throughout with smooth stained wood.

Room Amenities
Luxurious king-sized bed with one living room;Coffee & Tea Set; Private bathroom with bath tub and hot shower area; Local and satellite T.V.; Jacuzzi 18 Sq.m.; Free Internet; Private balcony for relaxation; DVD; Room size = 76 Sq.m.; Hairdryer; Air conditioning unit; Bathrobe + Slipper; Refrigerator + Mini Bar;
Safety box

Cocohut Spa, Restaurant, Barbeque grills, On private beach, Swimming pool - outdoor, Fitness facilities, Beach umbrellas, Beach towels, Steam room, Business center, Tours/ticket assistance, Limo or Town Car service available, Dry cleaning/laundry service, Luggage storage, Wedding services, Safe-deposit box at front desk, Garden, Picnic area, WiFi and wired Internet access in public areas

Cocohut Village Beach Resort and Spa Koh Phangan

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