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Day tours > Thailand >  Koh Samui >  Day dive trip from Samui - 2 dives joined including lunch

Day dive trip from Samui - 2 dives joined including lunch

The gulf of Thailand is filled with amazing dive sites and under all deep dive sites the Big3 – Sail Rock, Chumphon Pinnacle and Southwest Pinnacle – are simply the best and a must in your dive itinerary. Here is your chance to see the wonderful whale shark as same as big schools of different fishes. The visibility can reach 30 meters and more.

Chumphon Pinnacle is the most famous dive site around Koh Tao and 40 miles, two hours boat drive away from Koh Samui. The dive site starts 14 meters under the surface and comprises of one huge pinnacle and a series of smaller pinnacles running in north south axis by a maximum depth to 40 meters.

The entire top of the pinnacle is carpeted in Magnificent Anemones, where Pink Anemone fish, crabs, shrimps and Scorpion fish can be seen. In the south is a smaller pinnacle known as Barracuda rock and as this name say, you can find often huge schools of barracuda here, as same as resting Giant Groupers.

he Southwest Pinnacle is a circular site of seven pinnacles which have the shape of mountains and a lot of granite blocks between. From Koh Samui we need a bit longer than one hour to arrive at this dive site. The biggest pinnacle starts in five meters, the bottom line is by 28 meters.

The underwater boulders are home of great marine life such as Bat fish, Barracuda, Potato grouper, huge schools of Big Eyed Jacks, Trevally, Chevron and Giant Barracuda and King Mackerels. You will be diving amongst swirling schools of Rabbitfish, Snapper and Fusiliers.

Here, you will enjoy those special kinds of dives, where SCUBA becomes pure adventure.

Sail Rock is on of the best sites for scuba diving from Koh Samui. Whale sharks can be spotted at Sail Rock. At Sail Rock we can experience good diving conditions all year around.

Two dives at Sail Rock in one day! MAGIC! Sail Rock sits 15 m above and 35 m below the surface as a single rock formation in the middle of the ocean. Down in the deep you can see schools of barracudas and huge groupers. Shallower parts of the reef are covered with anemones surrounded by thousands and thousands of fishes.

Sail Rock is famous for its natural underwater chimney swim through which divers can experience from inside.

The Angthong Marine National Park with its 42 islands is the most visited group of islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

A 60-minutes boat ride takes us from Koh Samui to the north of the marine park, to the islands of Koh Yippon and Koh Wau. The ocean is some 20 meters deep around these two islands.

As the shallows of the reef start at 2 meters, these two islands are a great choice for experienced divers and beginners alike. After two dives at those islands we’ll be cruising across the marine park towards south, directly into the heart of this breathtaking island landscape.

Day dive trip from Samui - 2 dives joined including lunch

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