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Day tours > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Day Tour • Khum Lanna • Upcountry living

Day Tour • Khum Lanna • Upcountry living

From € 30 p.p. 30
One day Cooking Class at Khum Lanna (L)
10h00: Arrival at Khum Lanna to be greeted by our local Lanna people. A tasty welcome drink (herbal tea or fruit juice from the garden) will be served. We first take you on a garden tour around the compound, where you collect different seasonal herbs, vegetables and fruits for cooking. Using the gatherings from the garden you will then take our cooking class.
The course includes: An introduction to Thai ingredients, A comprehensive and easy to follow recipe book, A hands on demonstration of how to prepare 5 different dishes, Seasonal fruit tasting
Afterwards you enjoy the lunch that you have helped prepare yourself.
In the afternoon we teach you to make a typical Thai dessert that you can sample and take away. Finally take a cycling tour to visit “Rak Phaat phaan Thai” House. The house belongs to Mr. Swat Tongyoo, son of previous Aui Kham and he specialized in herbal medicine over 40 years experience from Aui Kham and has all process including many herbal medicines. You will learn about traditional healing and herbal medicine. Return to Khum Lanna. The program ends at 17h00.


From € 30 p.p. 30

Day Tour • Khum Lanna • Upcountry living

From € 30 p.p.
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