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Day tours > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Full or half Day Joined program Elephant Sanctuary

Full or half Day Joined program Elephant Sanctuary

From € 101 p.p. 101

After breakfast, we will pick you up from your hotel, and take you through the most beautiful and scenic view routes in Chiang Mai to the Karen’s Tribe Native Elephants. When you arrive, you will change into your 'mahout' clothes..We will teach you to properly introduce yourself to your elephant that you will be training for the day. After you have met with your elephant we will also teach and train you how to approach and mount the elephants bareback.


In the morning you will feed and care for your elephant with organic fruits and herbs. Daily Health Care: you will learn all the necessary preparations for the care of the elephants, as well as learning how to make Herbal medication for your elephant. After a local lunch we will train you in the different ways to mount your elephant to ride bareback, also we will teach you the different spoken commands for the elephant. Once comfortable, you will travel with and exercise your elephant.

After a long day of caring and exercising we will show you how to bathe your elephant in the stream. This will be the end of your special day with one of our Biggest Friends! It is always hard to say goodbye once you’ve experienced this kind of love and care for your elephant, and we hope that you come back to visit!  Transfer back to your hotel in Chiang Mai in the afternoon.

This program is also available for half day with local lunch and rafting. 


From € 101 p.p. 101

Full or half Day Joined program Elephant Sanctuary

From € 101 p.p.
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