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Guest Book

André Houle 
5 March - 25 March 2017
Bangkok City Flash Program - River Kwai - Chiang Mai - Phuket - Krabi 


We had a very nice stay in Thailand!

I would like to thank you for your help. We greatly appreciated Win-Win Asia - excellent service. No complaints! 

We will recommend your company to my friends for their trips to Thailand.

Best regards,

André Houle 

Yvonne Voordouw
27 July - 16 August 2013
Bangkok - River Kwai - Chiang Mai - Lisu Lodge - Chiang Rai - Koh Samui - Bangkok

Unfortunately the holiday is already over. We had a great time, and are full of praise about the logistic organisation. Everything was arranged well and people were standing ready for us. Delightful, after a though year just not having to worry how to get to the next destination.

Thank you for the organization.

Yvonne Voordouw


Marcella de Wit
23 July - 11 August 2013
Bangkok - River Kwai - Chiang Mai - Lisu Lodge - Koh Samui 

It has been a fantastic holiday where everything was well arranged by you. All transfers were organized well.

It was a journey from which we have very good memories.

With kind regards, 

Marcella De Wit 

Ienke Munninghoff

4 - 22 July 2013
Bangkok - River Kwai - Ayutthaya - Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - Hua Hin 

It was TOP, TOP TOP,

Your personal service, great tips in advance from Joeri, it really was great!

The highlights were:

- River kwai and the Jungle Raft Hotel 
- Cycling in Bankok: Super
- Tiger kingdom: Indeed go early, otherwise it is way too busy
- Floating market: very very touristy and I was happy that we first did a tour through the klongs

We met a number of other families who booked via you, and everybody was super satisfied




Sabine van den Berg

3 - 17 May 2013

Bangkok - River Kwai - Chiang Mai - Lisu Lodge - Koh Samui 

Hereby I would like to let you know we had a super holiday!!! Really the best vacation ever!!
Everything was well arranged. There were a couple small points, but these are quickly forgotten after experiences all the great things.
Thank you very much.

I definitely recommend everybody to book via you. 


Sabine & Claudine van den Berg 

Mr. Cable
27 March -  14 April 2013
We have just returned from our wonderful Thailand holiday and I wanted to write to thank you for your help in making this a great holiday, the pick-ups and guides that you arranged were all in the right place at the right time and were very helpful, the hotels were very nice and we saw a good variety of the differing ways of life in Thailand our only regret is that we didn't have longer to explore more.
Thank you very much,

W. Cable  

Ms. Jaclyn D'Alfonso
27 December 2012 - 24 January 2013 
It was such a great time. I liked Krabi the most for the scenery, but I loved the party in Phuket! It was really hard to come back home, I didn't feel like it was enough time. I'm sort of kicking myself for not staying longer like my other 2 friends did. I guess I will just have to go back another day! Thanks again for all of your help and you reccomendations. We loved every place we stayed. Let me know if you ever need help from me to reccomend you to other people, promote your website etc etc I'm happy to do so.

Doug Diplock
31 October - 17 November 2012
We recently returned from our trip to Thailand which you and your company and associates arranged for us and I would like to thank you for your assistance.
I must comment that the arrangements you and your associates made for us were excellent,  we were extremely well taken care by representatives of your company and the itinerary and locations you and your company arranged were very well chosen.  We particularly liked our visits to both Lisu Lodge and the River Kwai Rafts, although all venues were very good.
I would be happy to recommend your company to anyone wanting to travel to Thailand or other parts of Asia and may use me as a reference for anyone from North America who would be interested in your services.
Thank You again for all your assistance.
Doug Diplock

Family Gruijs
24 July - 15 August 2012
Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Pitsanoluke - Sukhotai - Lampang - Lisu Lodge - Chiang Rai - Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng - Vientiane - Samed

Dear VisitThailand.travel,
Thank you all for another great experience !!!! Everything was fixed and organized perfect.
Thank you à lot from Raymond, Annemieke, Luuk, Fleur, Merel, Puck Gruijs

T. Dobson
July 22 t / m 7 August 2011
Ayutthaya Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Phi Phi-Krabi

My thanks go to Joeri, Arjan and local guides, what a great people! You are the best, keep up the good work! BezoekThailand.nl: WE LOVE YOU! 
Kind regards,
Trees Dobson
Caroline Tensen
25th July - 15th August 2010 
Bangkok - Vietnam - Bangkok - Samui - Koh Tao - Koh Phangan - Koh Samui 

Dear all,

We all want to thank you for the great organisation of our holiday!

You all took very good care of us and we had a wonderfull, great, super vacation!


Best regards and see you maybe next year!

Kind regards,


Party Bobba
2nd – 12th August 2010  
11 days Cambodia

Dear Arjan,

We have been back from our pleasent tour and we wish to thank you personally, your staff and the Incoming Cambodian operator.

Everything has been perfect and we hope to ask your services in a future for some other tours in Thailand and around.

Best wishes to your wife, too

Kind regards 

Federica Bobba 


Family van Zonneveld

15th – July 4th August 2010 

21 Days Thailand Program 

Dear all,

As already shared in the evaluation form a great holiday! Thx for organizing!


Hans van Zonneveld & fam


Party Bouchier

14 Juni  - 15 Juni 2009  (2 Dagen / 1 Nacht Mekong Delta Programma)
Can Tho (Vietnam) 

We are back from our trip to Vietnam and everything went smoothly.

As usually everything that we had asked to your company was well organized: especially our best thank for the very good guide we had at the Mekong Delta: we received a lot of information, not only about that area but as well very interesting information about the history of Vietnam.

Thank you,

Frank Bouchier


 Fam. Winkelaar - 21 Days around Thailand.
thailand elephant ride 
Fam. Van Leeuwen - 21 Days Thailand & Laos 
 Thailand and Laos
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