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Short Programs > Laos >     2 Days Gibbon Express Laos - Joined

2 Days Gibbon Express Laos - Joined

How did it all started?

Illegal logging, commercial cropping, excessive slash-and-burn practices, overall pressure on land and mismanagement are together eradicating tropical forests. For that reason, the Gibbon Experience project in Laos was given a mandate to think differently - and act. Since 1996, we have dreamt and ensured a sustainable future for the Bokeo forest. The Gibbon Experience currently provides full time jobs to over 120 people.

As initially projected with local authorities, our project area was officially designated National Park in 2008 by the Lao National Assembly. The newly created Nam Kan National Park covers 136.000 ha of mixed deciduous forest. Traces of traditional agriculture can be seen alongside the road running from Thailand to China. Still, there lies one of the most pristine Lao forests, shelter to rare wildlife and Lao's biggest tree.


What is the Gibbon Experience Vision?

We believe only local people who actually live in the forest can make a change in the way forests are managed in the long run. They know their environment and are culturally attached to it. They deserve a proper mandate and appropriate support from both local authorities and the world community.

The treetops offer a different perspective on the forest and its wildlife. Our tree houses are gates to the rainforest canopy, a both ancient and whole new world considering its to-be-discovered biodiversity.

At the top of a giant tree, visitors and workers alike wish it will last for centuries to come. The Gibbon Experience project is meant to be an allegory of our reconciliation with the rainforest.


Ok ……So what is the 2 Days Gibbon Express all About?

The tour starts after a one-hour drive from Houayxay. Access walk is steep for over an hour and is thus recommended for trekkers in good physical shape aged from 12 to 50 years old. A series of very long ziplines flies you from mountain to mountain to the heart of the Nam Kan National Park and to the most giant tree to be found today in the Lao PDR. However, only one gibbon family lives in that area so your chances to meet gibbons are low in this 'airborne' program featuring more zip lines and less wildlife.


That is all great …right? But what does this all include and perhaps what not?

Well included is:

  • Exclusive access to the Nam Kan National Park
  • Your local escort will show you the way
  • Accommodation in a canopy-level tree house complete with running water; access only by zipline
  • Beds under a mosquito net canopy (2 mattresses in 1 mosquito net), pillows, sheets, blankets, towels and your personal harness and pulley (“roller”)
  • 7 fire-cooked meals for the 3-day program, 4 meals only for the 2-day program, local fruits and snacks
  • Clean drinkable running water, as well as tea and coffee
  • Unlimited access to an extensive canopy cable-gliding network for exploring the treetops escorted by a guide or solo
  •  Transportation to and from Houayxay or Baan Donchai


Where and how will you sleep?

You will be sleeping in canopy level tree house only accessible by ziplines and share your tree house with other guests from your group. Each mosquito net provides semi-private room for 2 people. When a tree house is at full capacity, solo travelers may end up sharing a mosquito net canopy.


What you should bring …!


  • Outdoor footwear and a small rucksack: you can leave your excess luggage in Houayxay (or in Bann Donchai if you choose to continue on to Luang Namtha)
  • A bottle of water (at least 1L): Keep your bottle of water with you during your entire journey in the forest. You can refill it in each tree house. If possible, bring a plastic bag with you to take back your garbage to Houayxay: the more you take back to the city, the less we process in the forest.
  • A Flaslight/ Headtorch


  • Mosquito repellent
  • A camera: remember to charge the batteries ahead of time, as there is no electric plug in the tree house
  • Binoculars for bird watcher
  • Toilet paper, if you need, as we only use water spray
  • Playing cards: cards can be useful during relaxing time
  • Earplugs for the light sleepers (because of unusual jungle noises)
  • A small first aid kit

* Please let us know if you are vegetarian or have any special dietary requirements. 


Do  you need to be in good physical condition?

Depending on the option you choose, in the dry season, you should be able to walk uphill at least one hour per day (200 - 300m denivelation). We welcome guests aged 8 to 80 in the Classic Option. If you know you have a certain allergy or weakness, please bring your medication and further enquire with our office.
In the rainy season, treks are more slippery and our guests are usually younger and in good physical condition.

How about your guide?

Your guides were generally born in the village nearby. Most of them have helped building the Gibbon Experience project. Some have a good English level while others don't and should rather be referred as escort. We strive to bring the level up and value your feedback forms on that aspect.

Is there a minimum age for children?

Classic and Waterfall options: 8 years old.
Express (2 days 1 night): 12 years old.

** Note you need 1 night in Houayxay before the program start at 08:00 am in the morning. If you want to catch a boat to Pak Beng after the program you need to stay 1 more night in Houayxay since the Gibbon Experience will end in the afternoon.


2 Days Gibbon Express Laos - Joined

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