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Short Programs > Vietnam >     4 days Hanoi and Halong Bay

4 days Hanoi and Halong Bay

Experience a 4 day program with visit of Hanoi the capital of Vietnam and Halong bay a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Day 1 : Ha Noi (-)

Welcome at the airport on arrival in Ha Noi and transfer to hotel for check-in. Free time at leisure afterwards. Overnight in Ha Noi.
Day 2 : Ha Noi - Ha Long Bay (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
After breakfast, you will be picked up by your English speaking gude for a transfer to Halong Bay. Board your Vietnamese junk at noon time and enjoy a supberb lunch onboard. Make a stop at the Sung Sot cave and you have time to relax or to explore a nearby fishing village by kayak. Back to the junk in the afternoon for fresh up and dinner. Overnight in your own private cabin.
Day 3 : Ha Long Bay - Ha Noi (breakfast, light lunch)
After breakfast, time for some Tai Chi and visit the Titov island. Here you can relax, swim, kayak or make a hike to the top of this island and be rewarded with a spectacular view over Halong Bay. Backt to the junk and transfer to Halong harbor. After a light lunch, transfer back to Hanoi City for your overnight stay.
Day 4 : Departure Ha Noi (breakfast)
Breakfast at hotel. Some more free time for relaxing or last-minute shopping. Transfer to the airport for international departure flight.

4 days Hanoi and Halong Bay

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