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Day tours > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Half day Private Bangkok Klong Tour

Half day Private Bangkok Klong Tour

From € 37 p.p. 37
Book here your half day Klong Tour of Bangkok. A private program with your own guide to explore the Chao Praya River and the klongs of Thonburi. Make some stops on the way. This program can be either in the morning or the afternoon.
We go deep inside the 'other side' and into the klongs of Thonburi and Bangkok Noi. Here you will find life like it used to be many many years ago for many Bangkokians. See why Bangkok was once described as the 'Venice of the East'. Still today transport by boats is the way of life for many local Thai people. Doing shopping by boat, give alms to monks by boat and use the klongs (canals) to take a bath and was the clothes!. You will step back in time more then 50 years but you are only a few km/miles from the city center with it's many skyscrapers. If time permits we can visit an unknown floating market, an orchid farm and some very unique undiscovered tempels.
The boat ride will include a stop at the magnificent Wat Arun, temple of dawn on the Chao Praya river and the impressive Royal Barges museum.
With this program we travel by skytrain to the pier from your hotel and we come back the same way. If you like a private transfer from your hotel direct to the pier there is som additional cost.
From € 37 p.p. 37

Half day Private Bangkok Klong Tour

From € 37 p.p.
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