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Man in Tuk Tuk

It is recommended that you receive a vaccination against Hepatitis A and DTP. If you have been in a yellow fever country seven days before entering Thailand, a vaccination for yellow fever in mandatory. If you are staying in Thailand for more than three months, it is recommended that you take vaccinations against rabies, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and typhoid. To find out more, contact your local Public Health Service or your Travel Clinic.

It is not necessary to take Malaria tablets when you are visiting Thailand. It is a malaria free country and there have been no cases of malaria in Thailand in recent decades. The only areas where you might need to be aware of malaria risk are the border areas with Burma, Cambodia and Laos. When visiting this region, wear the appropriate clothing to cover your arms and legs. The twilight hours are when the mosquitos are the most active, so try to stay inside during this time with the air conditioner on.

It is also important to be aware of the risks of dengue fever. In order to become infected with this disease you need to be stung repeatedly, but if you have contracted dengue fever you will experience headache, high fever and fatigue. It is important to act quickly to cure the disease.

Also, for your own safety and health you should avoid drinking the tap water in Thailand. Your hotel room will usually offer you a bottle of water and you can buy water almost everywhere you go for very cheap.

If you need prescription medicine, make sure that you have enough for your trip, as you might not be able to find it while you are in Thailand.

There are many hospitals in Thailand of extremely high quality, with excellent, helpful, English speaking staff and clean facilities. The doctors treating you will have likely studied abroad and they will do their very best to treat you as well as make your stay in hospital pleasant. When you book travel to Thailand through us, we will do our best to maximise support for you if medical problems occur. 

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