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Hotels > Myanmar >  Mandalay >  Hotel Amazing Mandalay

Hotel Amazing Mandalay

Hotel Amazing Mandalay is the perfect base from which to explore Myanmar’s most captivating city, Mandalay.
It is located two blocks from the palace, near one of Mandalay’s main arteries, and is just a 10-minute stroll to the Zegyo, the city’s main market. Hotel Amazing Mandalay is located at the opposite of Mandalay Railway Station, in the central Mandalay with just 15 minute walk to Mandalay Palace and Super Market area. Only 45 minutes drive from the Mandalay Airport.?

The hotel offers 16 Deluxe Rooms that are furnished with the tasteful decorations with a traditional Myanmar sensibility, recalling the expert carpentry of the ancient Mandalay palace. All providing the latest amenities, waterfall showers and everything else you would expect from the top-quality hotel.

Room Amenities
Individually controlled air conditioning, International Direct Dial Telephone [IDD phone], Free Wifi, Satellite TV with a range of International Channel, Minibar, Safety Box in Room, Hair Dryer, Bathrobes, Slippers, Complete Amenity of Bathroom
Tea & Coffee making facilities

In-door Fine Dinning (Myanmar, European, Thai, Chinese Manu), Outside Terrace Restaurant, 24 hours Room Services, Doctor On Call, Laundry Services, Bar, Lounge, Massage & Spa Thukha, Car / Boat Rental Service, 24 Hours Electricity, 220 V in the room, 110 ~ 220 V Shaver outlet in bathroom.

Hotel Amazing Mandalay

From € 63 p.r.
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