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Hotels > Myanmar >  Bagan >  Hotel Sincere Smile Bagan

Hotel Sincere Smile Bagan


Located in Bagan, Hotel Sincere Smile - Bagan features cosy rooms. Offering free parking, this property is a 10-minute drive from Old Bagan. Free WiFI is available in all areas.

The hotel is a 5-minute walk from LawKa Nanda Pagoda. A 30-minute ride takes guests to Nyaung U Airport.


Comfortable rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a seating area and a TV. They also have an electric kettle and a desk. An en suite bathroom has a bathtub and a hairdryer.

Room Type : Superior Room and Deluxe Room.


For convenience, the property offers a 24-hour front desk and a laundry service. A shuttle service can be arranged upon request.

Guests can enjoy a variety of Asian and European cuisines served at the on-site restaurant.


Facilities : Free WiFi, Airport Shuttle, Non-smoking Rooms, Spa, Free Parking and Restaurant.

Hotel Sincere Smile Bagan

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