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Hotels > Myanmar >  Kalaw >  Amara Kalaw Resort Kalaw

Amara Kalaw Resort Kalaw

The Amara Kalaw Resort was built in 1909 and restored to present modern day standards in 2002, situated in a shady and quiet corner of Kalaw.  Amara Mountain Resort Kalaw is the hill station town's colonial residence.  Guests will truly experience what folks 100 years earlier have done, all amidst the cool mountain air, green trees and colorful gardens. Private and homely, guests are further treated with unobstructed views over the Shan mountain range. Fronted by warm Burmese hospitality, nature guests yearning for a colonial mountain resort experience amongst the Burmese hills are in for a treat here. The town is small enough to explore by bicycle. Guests can rent their own set of two wheels and discover the hill station town for themselves. The business center provides the necessaries for those who need to stay connected. Amara Mountain Resort Kalaw is everything the hill station town is all about. Hints of colonialism, a bit or Burmese character, some color, atmosphere and of course comfort up in the cool mountains of Myanmar. 

Amara Kalaw Resort


The Amara Kalaw Resort is Situated in a shady and quiet corner of Kalaw, Amara is near the town center. Heho Airport is approximately 30 kilometers away. The town is a further two hour drive from Nyaung Shwe.

Amara Kalaw Resort


All 10 rooms of the Amara Mountain Resort are individually decorated in Asian and European style, each room with an open chimney, own bathroom with bathup and shower. Kalaw can be easily reached by bus, car or train. Heho airport can be reach by car within 45 Minutes. There are daily flights to Heho from Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan.

Amara Kalaw Resort

Room Amenities

Air Conditioned; International Direct Dial; Wake-up Service; Satellite TV; Private Bathroom; Hairdryer; Tea & Coffee Making;


24 Hour Security; Laundry Service; 24 Hour Front Desk; Bar/Lounge; Restaurant; Business Centre; Meeting/Banquet Facilities

Amara Kalaw Resort Kalaw

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