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Hotels > Myanmar >  Ngapali Beach >  Amata Resort and Spa Ngapali

Amata Resort and Spa Ngapali

The Amata Resort and Spa is one of Myanmar's most exclusive beach resorts, Amata Resort and Spa offers guests the ultimate in luxury along the beautiful shoreline of Ngapali. The sunset of Ngapali Beach is beyond description an experience for any visitor to Ngapali Beach, domestic or international. The Amata resort is one of its best resorts located near the delightful Mya Pyin Village at Ngapali beach, Myanmar.  The Amata resort & Spa, Myanmar's most exclusive international beach resort, stretches along the beautiful shoreline of Ngapali, Myanmar's premier beach. The resort covers more than five acres of tropical wonderland and guests are luxuriously accommodated in eighty teak, bamboo, cane and rattan cabana, bungalows and suites. The resort is flanked by a 400 meter seaside boardwalk. The Amata Resort & Spa, our exclusive "Milan" spa offers full facilities in a spa building with luxurious rooms in world class services which cover a perfect environment with wide range of treatments, therapies and massage techniques, in both traditional and specialized international styles. Asia is becoming renowned as a world-class spa destination and The Amata resort & Spa is the best for health and holidays can co-exist harmoniously.  The Amata Resort & Spa is equipped with a first class restaurant guaranteed to satisfy all gourmets’ desires, and an atmospheric bar for relaxing and socializing in a setting of tropical sunset-soaked splendor.

Amata Resort & Spa


The Amata Resort & Spa boasts a convenient location with modern amenities and is located on Ngapali Beach, where it covers five acres of tropical land beside a 400-metre-long boardwalk. Ngapali is a beautiful and undeveloped beach located in the Rakhine State, and is a 55-minute flight from Myanmar's Yangon.  The Resort is typically located at the corner of West Horse Race Course Street near Mya Pyinn Village, Amata Resort is 15 minutes from Thandwe Airport.


The Amata Resort & Spa has a total of 80 rooms i.e. 4 Grand Cabana Seaview multi-tiered bungalows, 14 Cabana Cottages, 38 stylish Deluxe rooms and 24 Superior rooms are easily accessible on both top and ground floor.  All rooms are well decorated with unique hand-crafted furniture. Rooms have all modern amenities that you expect a pleasure stay.

Room Amenities

Air Conditioned; Hairdryer; Mini Bar; Non Smoking Rooms; Room Service; Safety Deposit Box; Tea / Coffee Facilities; Telephone; TV - Satelite / Cable

Amata Resort & Spa


Swimming pool; Milan Spa; Gymnasium; Tennis courts; Gift shop; Internet; Limousine service (Antique Morris 8)

Amata Resort & Spa

Amata Resort and Spa Ngapali

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