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Hotels > Myanmar >  Bagan >  Bagan Hotel River View Old Bagan

Bagan Hotel River View Old Bagan

The Bagan Hotel River View (formerly Bagan Hotel), is a beautiful resort located in Old Bagan, which houses one of the most interesting cultural heritages of Myanmar. Thousands of pagodas spread across rust coloured plains flanked by the meandering Ayeyarwaddy River. The Bagan Hotel Riverview property is situated on ample land with Gawdawpalin Temple towering above on one side and the vast riverfront on the other. The Bagan hotel's grounds alone, with it's extensive gardens and old established trees make for the perfect atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy your holiday. The hotel is located in Old Bagan, one of the world’s most fascinating cultural heritage sites. River View is designed according to authentic Myanmar architecture and surrounded by gardens with century old trees. This hotel is well-suited for families on a small budget, or business travelers looking for the cheap and best hotels.

Bagan Hotel River View

TheBagan River View Hotel is situated on a stunning location with fantastic views across the Ayeyarwaddy River. Bagan Hotel River View is within the easy reach of the center of Pagan, Myanmar, the nearest airport and its major attractions.  Bagan Hotel River View is within the easy reach of the center of Pagan, Myanmar, the nearest airport and its major attractions.

Bagan Hotel River View

The Bagan Hotel River View features a total of 107 rooms in 5 categories: Deluxe, Junior Suite, Ayeyarwaddy River View Suite, Presidential Suite and Bagan Villa. All the rooms are decorated in the style of the 11th century, the period of the first Kingdom and the most glorious era of Bagan.

Bagan Hotel River View
Room Amenities

Air Conditioning; Satellite Televisions; IDD Phone Call Services; Rediffusion; Complimentary Tea,Coffee; Drinking Water Services; 24Hr Room Service Menu; Mini Bar

 Bagan Hotel River View


Business Centre with Secretarial Service; Swimming pool; Laundry & Valet Service; 24 hr Doctor on call; Wi-Fi Access; Travel Information Advice; Meeting Facility

Bagan Hotel River View Old Bagan

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