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Hotels > Myanmar >  Yangon >  Clover Hotel Yangon

Clover Hotel Yangon

Clover Hotel Yangon balances comfort and price of Yangon hotel choice. Enjoy the Spectacular Views, Unique Atmosphere and Delicious meals at " Clover Restaurant " on the 7th floor. Guests can enjoy Asian Cuisines in Chinese, Thai & Malaysian Styles as well as quite a few selection of European Specialties.

The Clover Hotel Yangon is situated within a 10 minute walk to the city centre and offers boutique accommodation as well as a 24 hour reception, a lift and a concierge. Free Wi-Fi internet is available to all guests.


Every room in Clover Hotel offers guests air conditioning, ironing board, desk. To make each guest's stay more complete, this Yangon hotel offers business center, restaurant, elevator, room service. Offering guests quality accommodation since 2011, this hotel combines first-class service and the most modern facilities.

Room Amenities

Wi-Fi available; Air conditioning in rooms; TV; Safety Deposit Box; Public Air Conditioning; Tea/Coffee making facilities in each room; Wifi Free; Telephone; Work Desk; Desk Chair; All Rooms Non Smoking; Tea and Coffee Facilities; Tea and Coffee Maker; Room Service (limited hours); Complimentary Bottled Water; Fridge; Shower; Bath/Shower; Hair Dryer; Slippers; Steam-Free Mirrors; Laundry Service; Room Service; Minibar; Wake up call Service


Business Center; Concierge; Elevator / Lift; 24 Hour Reception; Currency Exchange; Safe-Deposit Box; Laundry service; Photocopier; Desk; Facsimile; Luggage Storage; Self Laundry; Free parking

Clover Hotel Yangon

From € 39 p.r.
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