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Day tours > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Elephant Owner For A Day Patara Elephant Farm

Elephant Owner For A Day Patara Elephant Farm

From € 185 p.p. 185

Elephant owner for a day... Makes an unforgettable memory.
To know what an elephant owner would know.
To do what an elephant owner would do.



Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Patara Elephant Farm. Briefing on history of domestic elephants in Thailand. Get changed into a training outfit, to begin training with your elephant. Training sessions include hiking to find elephants in the bush, learning about  the management of the farm and its breeding program, and training to approach and be comfortable near elephants. Learn to observe elephant temperament. Introduction to all of our elephants. Morning feed. Daily health care for elephants. Pregnancy test for elephants and care taking for mother elephants with small babies. Unchain and walk your elephant to the river. Learn about elephant skin care and bathe your elephant in the river. Instructed training on different methods of getting onto the neck of your elephant. Sitting on the elephant, you will be taught basic riding skills and spoken commands for the elephant. Practice  mounting and dismounting the elephant. Bare-back riding session. Go on an easy riding trip within the farm as preparation for a long uphill trip to visit a waterfall for a picnic lunch and a refreshing swim with your elephant. Ride your elephant back to the farm for evening feed. Say your farewells and take photos with the elephants. Transfer back to your hotel.

From € 185 p.p. 185

Elephant Owner For A Day Patara Elephant Farm

From € 185 p.p.
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