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Hotels > Myanmar >  Kalaw >  Hill Top Villa Resort Kalaw

Hill Top Villa Resort Kalaw

The Hill Top Villa Resort Hotel is situated at Kalaw, Southen Shan State, Myanmar.The Hill Top Villa Resort Hotel, on top of a hill, covers seven acres of land. The hotel is built with teak wood and interior is decorated with pine wood. In its first phase there are 24 superior category private rooms in bungalow style design. It is near railway station.

This hotel offers a splendid view on Kalaw and the Shan plateau. The bungalows are decorated in a traditional Myanmar style and have a chimney as well as a terrace facing west to view the sunset.  Kalaw the beautiful hill station in southern shan state. It is 1320 meter above sea level. Hill top vill is for the travelers who Love to enjoy a peaceful and quite place. Hill Top villa is located on the top of the beautiful hill of Kalaw, the city of pine trees. Around with pine trees and one can see the panoramic view of Kalaw.

Hill Top Villa Resort


Hill Top Villa lies at the top of Kalaw Hill embracing 7.2 acres, panoramic view of Pine trees and Shan Plateau near the Railway station, which vividly reflects the nostalgic colonial days. Just an-hour drive from Heho Airport. The distance is 22 miles.

Hill Top Villa Resort


With its beautifully landscaped garden and attractively designed 20 Bungalows equipped for the guests' comfort and well-being in mind. During your stay, you will be treated by our hospitable staff with warmest and courteous smile..

Room Amenities

Bath tub; Cable/ Satellite; Hair dryer; Mini bar / Fridge; Shower; Telephone; Television; Tiled/ Wooden floor


Balcony rooms; Bar / Pub/ Lounge; Cable/ Satellite; Laundry; Restaurant; Room service; Tour desk; Public transportation

Hill Top Villa Resort Kalaw

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