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Short Programs > Laos >  Pakse >  3 Days South Laos explorer

3 Days South Laos explorer

A short journey in southern Laos that will take you in 3 days off the beaten track in the surrounding areas of Pakse, Laos. Highlights of, this journey will be Dong Deang, Wat Phru, an old ancient Khmer temple and the waterfalls Li Phi & Phapheng.

Day 1: Arrival Pakse - Champasak - Don Daeng (L,D)
Upon arrival we drive and travel on a wonderful local ferry over the Mekong River to Champasak. Here we visit the sacred Khmer temple of Wat Phu. This complex represents the most eastern border of the Khmer Empire in the 4th century. Later in the afternoon we take a scenic boat ride to Don Daeng. This island is one of the small permanently inhabited islands in the 'si pan don' area. Dong Daeng is a nice and beautifull place to relax. Overnight at La Folie Lodge.
Day 2: Don Daeng - Don Khong (B,L)
After breakfast, we take a local boat and then by road we drive to Don Khong, the biggest island in the ' Si Pan Don' area. After checked in the hotel, we will explore the 4000 islands area (Si Pan Don) by boat. Here, the Mekong river is at its widest. During the rainy season it is up to 12 km across. When the waters recede, many small islands emerge. It is from this phenomenon that the region takes its name. From far distance you can hear the unmistakable roar of the Khone Phapheng and Li Phi falls, which we will visit today. Nearby the falls live some hundred lrrawaddy freshwater dolphins. Ban Hang Khon is one of the rare places on earth to spot these endangered mammals. Also see the old locomotive, railway and colonial bridge built by the French to avoid navigating on the rapids and waterfalls that abound on this section of the Mekong. Overnight at Khong Island.
Day 3: Khong Island - Pakse - Chong Mek border(B,L)
We leave early in the morning to drive to the Laos/Thailand border. Our activities today include an elephant ride and visits to villages on Phou Asa. We will have lunch on the way before arrival the border.
There is also a possiblity to end at the border of South Laos and North Cambodia to cross border. 
End of program.

3 Days South Laos explorer

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