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Myanmar, a world unto itself in South East Asia!

Myanmar is one the most attractive countries to visit in South East Asia. Myanmar is a large country with 50 million inhabitants bordering with China in the North East, Pakistan in the West and Thailand in the South and East.

Myanmar is a country with great history and culture, going back hundres of years when Thailand en Myanmar (previously called Burma) fought over power over South East Asia. The city of Bagan with its many temples refers back to this famous Asian era.

myanmar 2

The country of Myanmar consists of beautiful landscapes that have remained unchanged over the past several hundreds of years; as if you step back in time in a country where Buddhism is of great importance on its inhabitants.  

Highlights of Myanmar include Yangon, the capita Mandalay, the spiritual city of Bagan, Inle Lake and the Irrawadee river. Myanmar has several beach destinations to offer, VisitThaland.travel recommends Ngapali Beach, a splendid beach destination to relax after you have discovered the beauty of Myanmar.

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