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Short Programs > Thailand >  Khao Sok >  3 Days • Khao Sok National Park • Private Program or Joined

3 Days • Khao Sok National Park • Private Program or Joined

From € 149 p.p. 149

Travel to Khao Sok national park and stay in one of the tree top accommodations. Make a half day or full day trek through the jungle, tube down the river or make an elephant ride.

Day 1 - Khao Sok (Dinner)

Arrive at Khao Sok and check in to your hotel. In the afternoon explore the Khao Sok river by canoe. Return to the resort for a dinner and overnight in Khao Sok


Day 2 - Khao Sok (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

After breakfast, visit the amazing Cheow Lan Lake for the full day with lunch and boat rides. On the lake you can hike, swim or go for kayaking! You have a choice to stay overnight on the floating bamboo bungalows or return to your room in Khao Sok national park. Dinner is included and overnight at the lake or in your bungalow in the rain forest!. The choice is yours!


Day 3 - Khao Sok (Breakfast, lunch)

After breakfast, you can relax at the floating bamboo bungalows and swim or do some kayaking until lunch. After lunch take a boat ride to the Rajaprabha Dam where your program ends at 14H00 or you can take an optional transfer back to Khao Sok.
If you decided on day 2 to get back to your bungalow in Khao Sok, you can go for a half day hike through the Khao Sok rain forest. After lunch your program end at Khao Sok.
From € 149 p.p. 149

3 Days • Khao Sok National Park • Private Program or Joined

From € 149 p.p.
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