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Laos: peace, beauty, nature and culture!

Laos, a great country that sometimes gives the impression as if time has stood still. Laos is less crowded and much less developed than Thailand and Vietnam. In Laos, the only country in Southeast Asia without a coastline, combines ancient tradition and tranquility as you'll not easily find anywhere else. A great country!

Facts and Figures

  • Capital: Vientiane (450,000 registered residents)
  • Number of inhabitants: 6 million
  • Language: Lao
  • Currency: Kip
  • Religion: Buddhist
  • Area: 240,000 square kilometers (half of France)
  • Climate: subtropical

Laos has about 6 million inhabitants and an area of 240,000 square kilometers.
The capital city of Laos is Vientiane; with only 450,000 inhabitants it’s significantly smaller than the capitals of neighboring countries Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The capital is therefore often referred to as a big village! The population of Laos is much lower than in surrounding countries. Only seven million inhabitants in a country that is much larger than for instance the Netherlands. Many experienced travelers go to Laos partly because it’s a relaxed and peaceful country where people pay much attention to their traditions, culture and customs. In Laos, everything goes a bit slower than fast-developing countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Perhaps that’s the reason why the experiences of travelers who went to Laos are positive!


How and when

The climate of Laos is similar to that of Thailand. The rainy season starts around June and May and last until November. You can just travel in Laos, as the temperature is often below 30 degrees (except mountain areas). Please be aware with a good mood at the time. The best time to visit Laos is likely from November to March. Then the temperature is lower than in the warm months April to June and it usually doesn’t rain.

VisitIndochina.travel has selected some nice trips with culture, nature, tradition and the principles of peace. Some of these programs start in northern Thailand. You can also travel from the capital city Vientiane and other cities for wonderful tours. VisitIndochina.travel currently has no hotel accommodation in Laos.

laos 3

Culture, traditions and highlights

Actually, the culture is the highlight of Laos. It shows that among the many found temples, pagoda's, monks and the life setting of the local population.
In Laos, the Mekong River is an important part in the culture and beliefs of people. The Mekong delta and surrounding areas generate a stimulance for the economy. The river and delta are like the lifeline of the country and therefore a great highlight!

Other highlights

Other highlights are the Laos capital city Vientiane and the border town of Savannakhet. Of course, a visit to Luang Prabang is a must while traveling in Laos. This city was for many years isolated from the rest of the world and is now placed on the UNESCO. The town of Vang Vieng, located between Luang Prabang and Vientiane is a popular spot for backpackers because of the relaxed nature of the town.


Would you prefer a little further away from tourism? Visit Champasak and Pakse in southern Laos. Here you will find beautiful and famous temples Boleven Plateau. Si Phan Don is also worth a visit.
These islands in the Mekong Delta are known for beautiful waterfalls and freshwater dolphins.


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