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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Samet >  Le Vimarn Cottages and Spa Koh Samet

Le Vimarn Cottages and Spa Koh Samet

Le Vimarn Cottages and Spa are located on Ao Prao beach as a unique tropical boutique resort. Le Vimarn Cottages Koh Samet occupies a wonderful beachside nestled into a lush hilly landscape overlooking a picturesque bay beach of azure ocean. Here, you will find quiet places to laze in the sun untroubled by venders and the sight of hundreds of obtrusive deck chairs. Beach service is yours for the asking with comfortable beach lounges, umbrellas and even beachside massage if your request. Water sports are there for your enjoyment. But best of all is a quiet stroll along the shore at sunset.


Le Vimarn Cottages and Spa are located on Ao Prao beach as a unique tropical boutique resort. The resort is clustered on the gentle slope of a hilly cove overlooking a quiet bay beach. Supremely comfortable individual cottages all with balconies, some with your own outdoor spa that look down onto a peaceful curved bay of sparkling sea and fine sand.

Le Vimarn has been created in the style of a tropical hillside village with 31 units comprised of Deluxe Cottages, and Villas with a private spa. Each unit is handsomely decorated in a distinctive island style, convenient and supremely comfortable. Teak rattan, bamboo and Thai woven fabrics create a charming ambience which you will appreciate. What will linger in your memory are the unforgettable sunsets, which you will view from your private balcony.

Room Amenities

Air conditioning; Balcony/Terrace in every room; Bathrobes; Bathtub; Free Coffee and Tea Facilities; DVD/CD Player; Hair Dryer; In Room Safe; Roomservice; Internet; Mini Bar; Satellite/Cable TV; Shower; Television


Private Beach; Restaurant serving local and international cuisine; Massage; Swimming pool; Spa facilities; Water Sports; Babysitting; Bar; Transfer services

Le Vimarn Cottages and Spa Koh Samet

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