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Short Programs > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  2 Days Lahu Trekking

2 Days Lahu Trekking

Day 01 LISU LODGE– LAHU OUTPOST (L,D) Transfer from Chiang Mai, Khum Lanna or start from the Lisu Lodge.
10 h00: Arrive at the Lisu Lodge. A traditional welcome drink will be served.
Then, drive by local open -air truck to the area near Pha Mieng. Start walking along the jungle trails to the remote village of Hmong Pha Mieng (1h30). Meet the inhabitants of this small hill tribe village in the jungle. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the forest. After lunch, you will walk to the top of the mountain (1h 30) where the Red Lahu Village of Pha Daeng is located. Continue walking along a mountain ridge to the Lahu village of Kup Kap (1h00), from where you have a spectacular view overlooking the Mae Taeng district and Chiang Mai town glittering at night in the distance. Beyond the mountain peaks to the west lies Myanmar (Burma) Dinner and overnight at Lahu Outpost , modeled on a typical Lahu house. Basic amenities are provided: mattress, pillow, bed linen, blankets, towels, mosquito nets, etc. Two Western style toilets and a communal shower are provided.

After an early breakfast, we go on a one and a half hour walk down a steep jungle path passing by the Huay Sadharn Waterfall. Transfer by local truck to the Rafting Station. Enjoy rafting down the river for about 45 minutes. Return to Lisu Lodge by local truck with stop en route at Tea plantation - Stop off to relax and enjoy a magnificent landscape at our tea plantation where you will be led by an experienced guide who will introduce you to the process of growing and harvesting tea as well as vegetation propagation to produce tea seedlings at the nursery, whilst teaching you how to pluck tea leaves and enjoy a cup of fresh - roasted tea. Enjoy a delicious picnic lunch. Upon arrival, a welcome drink will be served.


Guided by a Lisu villager, walk from Ton Lung temple to visit the herbal garden. Then continue through the village with a stop for a cup of tea at the village shaman’s house. Chat with the Lis u shaman and learn about his life, beliefs, curing rites and Lisu traditions. Enjoy your visit to: Rice paddies - Walk with our guide through rice paddies where we work together with the villagers to grow rice without the use of pesticide and insecticide. Besides strolling through the green or the golden carpet of the paddy fields, depending on the season, you will learn and participate in the various stages of rice cultivation in northern Thai style.


Himmapaan nursery - Learn about the flora of northern Thailand and how we restore the forest ecosystem at a tree nursery of the Himmapaan Foundation whose goal is to support and implement environmental and social projects by working with local communities in areas affected by tourism. Vegetable garden - Visit the vegetable garden where we produce organic fertiliser from leftover organic waste and grow a variety of vegetables and fruits that are used in several dishes served at Lisu Lodge.


*** End of Program ***

Please note: Guests need to be healthy and good physical condtions. Able to trek up on the mountain and through jungle and waterfalls. Weather conditions can impose changes in the program or the cancellation of activities if declared as unsafe. Bring a copy of passport and of the visa page with stamp along.

Things to prepare: good trekking shoes, extra clothing (you can get wet), sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, small backpack with toileteries for overnight, mosquito spray, rain poncho, toiletpaper and some extra small (plastic) bags.

Program is suitable for children above 12 years old if in good physical condition. Not suitable for children under the age of 12.

2 Days Lahu Trekking

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