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Hotels > Cambodia >  Pnom Phen >  Mekong Dragon Boutique Hotel

Mekong Dragon Boutique Hotel


Spending time in Phnom Penh, Heart of a pleasantly holiday and business. Known as Phnom Penh City comprising of Mekong, Basak and Tonle Sap River in front of Royal palace. The trip to Phnom Penh and other places within Cambodia would not be complete without learning about the past of Cambodia. The Mekong Dragon is 4 stars boutique has 48 spacious rooms brings the Cambodian's Elegant Style to a landmark hotel in classical Hotel setting long the famed boutique. 

Deluxe, Premier, Junior Suite, Mekong Suite
It is the only business-convention hotel strategically located as an integral part of the Cultural Center of the Cambodia. Situated with a prime location near historic sites, shopping and entertainment centers and central business district.
#134, Street 51, Sangkat Beoung Keng Kang I, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh 12000, Cambodia Tel:(855) 23 982 666/92 127 222/16 99 47 48
Nearest transport: Capitol Bus Station (1.2 Km / 15 min walk)
Distance to airport: Phnom Penh International Airport (8.3 Km)
Top attractions in the area: The Place Club (0.3 Km / 4 min walk)
Independence Monument (0.3 Km / 4 min walk)
Hanuman Tourism-Voyages (0.3 Km / 4 min walk)
Lucky Market (0.5 Km / 6 min walk)
Free Wifi

Mekong Dragon Boutique Hotel

From € 47 p.r.
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