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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Phangan >  Milky Bay Resort Koh Phangan

Milky Bay Resort Koh Phangan

Milky Bay Resort of Thailand is 3 Star Hotel in Ban Tai Beach, Koh Phangan. The resort satisfies guests with a great selection of hotel facilities. The naturally landscaped beautiful gardens, long white sandy beachfront area decorated with tropical style and the unique sunset lounge swimming pool will make Milky Bay a place to remember. Also Staffs at Milky Bay Resort are courteous and willing to meet your needs.


Milky Bay Resort is located on the beach which is protected from the high seas by the rich coral reef that follows the south and west coastline, providing a haven for beautiful and harmless marine life and a great place to go snorkeling. Most of the land along the coastline has been formed as coconut plantation and the area takes on a dreamy desert island feel with palms leaning into the calm emerald sea.  On the beachfront there is a volleyball net, other activities include table tennis, free pool tables in the bar area and of course the sunset swimming pool. Other facilities include massage sala, herbal steam room and salon.


The bungalows at Milky Bay all come with air-con and hot water as standard. The decor inside the rooms is pleasing with soft cotton sheets and a range of furniture. Each room has a spacious balcony with sea or garden views.


Bar/Lounge, Barber/Beauty Salon, Fitness Centre, Massage, Outdoor Swimming Pool (s).

Milky Bay Resort Koh Phangan

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