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Day tours > Myanmar >  Kalaw >  Kalaw 1 day trekking with lunch

Kalaw 1 day trekking with lunch

Kalaw was founded by the British during the colonial time in order to escape the heat. The town is 1320 meter above sea level and 50 km from the Inle Lake. The air is cool, the town is a nice mixture of diverse cultures and indigious tribes people and its easy to do some trekking into the mountains. Its worth to stay a few days and take your time to sit back and see the local life passing by.

Our recommended day trips:

Option 1 - The Reservoir and Paulang Tribe route

Reservior , Top Mt resting place for lunch break and TarYor (Palaung tribe Village ) , Ywa Thit (Palaung Tribe Village ) there you can see Day life of local tribe and Green Tea leaf Mountain ,Orange plantation and Basic Education Primary School. Total Distance 25Km.


Option 2 - The Forest route to Mying Ka

North East pass forest to Myint Ka ( Taung Gyo Danu Tribe village) and Pine Ne Pin (PaLaung Tribe village) Lunch break there. Total Distance 18 Km.

Option 3 - The Danu Tribe and Buddha Image route

East of Kalaw pass by Pine forest to visit Myint Ma Htit (Danu Tribe Village) and 1028 Feet long Buddha Images lime stone CAVE )Lunch tere and Back to kalaw by different way . Total Distance 27Km.

Option 4 - The South West Forest Pass route

South West of Kalaw Pass forest to Hin Kha Gone Village Palaung tribe and Myint Dite Train station .Lunch there and back to kalaw by Nan (Tae Danu tribe ). Total Distance 26 Km.

Option 5 - The Children's route

We can arrange especially For children 3 hrs or 4 hrs working trip to nearest around kalaw forest , seasonal fruits , berry garden OR villages.

Kalaw 1 day trekking with lunch

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