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Short Programs > Myanmar >     6 Days Myanmar - Bagan & Yangon temples private journey

6 Days Myanmar - Bagan & Yangon temples private journey

This private journey will let you experience the old ancient culture and warmth from Myanmar’s inhabitants. In 6 days your guide will take you to all the wonderful temples of Bagan and Yangon. Highlights of this journey are Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan, Mount Popa and the Scott Market.

Day 1: Arrival Yangon (B)
Welcome upon arrival at Yangon International Airport and transfer to the hotel. Afternoon private city tour, visit the Old Colonial-Style City Centre, Botataung Pagoda, the National Museum; filled with artifact and cultural exhibits of Myanmar, and the Shwedagon Pagoda; arguably the world’s most impressive golden stupa. Overnight in your hotel in Yangon.


Day 2: Yangon - Bagan (flight) (B)
Transfer to the airport for taking a flight to Bagan. Arrive Nyaung U airport and transfer to the hotel. After check in at the hotel, we are off on our sightseeing tour of one of Asia's most popular archeological destinations. Highlights include visits to Nyaung Oo Market; and many of Bagan’s distinctive pagodas such as Shwezigon, a prototype of later Myanmar stupas; Wetkyi-in- Gubyaukgyi, a 13th century ‘cave temple with interesting fine frescoes; Ananda Pagoda, one of the finest, largest and best preserved in Old Bagan; and next to it  Ananda Ok Kyaung, one of the few surviving brick monastery buildings from the Early Bagan period. We return to the hotel for a rest before our afternoon visit to a lacquer ware factory. Late afternoon, enjoy horse-down carriage ride to a memorable site for viewing sunset. Overnight in your hotel in Bagan.

Day 3: Bagan - Popa - Bagan (B)
After breakfast, morning drive to Mount Popa which rose from the ground in a massive earthquake in 442 BC. Mount Popa is famous as the abode of the Nats (Spirit Gods) and for its panoramic view of the local tropical region. On the way back to Bagan we visit a toddy palm juice production plant. In the afternoon, sightseeing includes Nagayon, Gubaukgyi, in the old Bagan village of Myinkaba, is an early period temple with well preserved paintings inside. As the day wanes we will be at one of the ideal viewing sites selected by our tour guide. Overnight at the Hotel in Bagan.


Day 4: Bagan (B) 
After breakfast, continue our private touring in Bagan and nearby villages. Then as the sun goes down, enjoy the sunset on top of a pagoda or temple chosen by our guide. Overnight in your hotel in Bagan.

Day 5: Bagan - Yangon (flight) (B)
After breakfast, morning transfer to Nyaung U airport to fly back to Yangon. Arrive Yangon airport and transfer to the hotel.After check in at the hotel, we will go to famous Scott Market; which had been built in 1926 noted for its variety of handicrafts and other items which provide an excellent opportunity for a shopping spree before a visit in China town. Overnight at your hotel in Yangon.


Day 6: Departure Yangon (B)
Breakfast and free at leisure until transfer to Yangon International Airport for your departure flight.

End of program.


6 Days Myanmar - Bagan & Yangon temples private journey

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