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Hotels > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Park 19 Bangkok

Park 19 Bangkok

From € 44 p.r. 44

Park 19 Residence

Service Apartment in the heart of Bangkok. Brand new unique luxurious and spacious private residences.



Park 19 is located at Ekamai Soi 19, the center of business and shopping also a short form BTS Ekamai and easy access to center of Bangkok Being in the Ekamai is a whole host of restaurants, clubs, pubs, entertainment and shopping centers dotting the vicinity.

Superior, 1 Bedroom Deluxe,1 Bedroom Suite, 2 Bedroom Deluxe, 2 Bedroom Family Grand Suite
Room Amenities
When you choose Park 19 Residence, well help to make your stay with us hassle-free, by providing flexible accommodation, personalized service and a friendly face.

Our standard facilities include :Security, CCTV, 24 Hrs. Security guards, One Card Access, Control, Room Services, Laundry, Swimming Pool, Fitness Area, Shuttle Service, Green Area, Wi-Fi Zone

From € 44 p.r. 44

Park 19 Bangkok

From € 44 p.r.
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